Dedicated Transport Services

Tailored logistics solutions with BT's dedicated transport services

The perfect fit for your requirements - without the need to own or manage logistics assets

BT Transport & Logistics and our specialised divisions LDJ Logistics and S&S Freight Services are pleased to offer dedicated services to our customers. This tailored solution guarantees that the equipment provided suits your requirements and is available when and where you need it – all without the costs and responsibilities that come with owning and managing your own fleet.

Let us assist you with developing a logistics management plan that optimises your fleet and route options. We can include consolidation, deconsolidation and cross docking, pickup straight off the wharf of any port in Australia, delivery to anywhere in Australia including remote locations, and any type of specialised transport solutions. 

Continuous improvement is at the core of what we do, and for you this means that we will refine your solutions to match your needs as they evolve.

Dedicated transport services - what you can expect

Choose BT's dedicated transport services, which encompass the following

Fleet design and innovation
Our team will discuss with you the requirements and objectives, and develop and design ‘your’ fleet that matches your brand, corporate identity, and operational needs.

Driver management

One of the core elements of any marketing strategy is the face of your brand: your people. Wherever you sit within the supply chain, you want to leave a positive impression, and selecting and maintaining good staff is key to this. We take care not only of the recruitment of drivers, but also induction (including any pick-up or delivery site inductions), and ongoing Chain of Responsibility awareness and safety training.

Fleet provisioning
When assigning fleet assets, we always have optimisation in mind. We utilise top-of-class software solutions including Fleet Pursuit to track our assets, manage maintenance data such as service schedules, and manage the efficiency of our drivers.

We own and maintain a large core fleet that is serviced in-house by qualified mechanics in accordance with Chain of Responsibility standards. We have contingencies in place for unexpected breakdowns or repairs needed, hence ensuring service continuity. 

Operations management

  • Safety and Chain of Responsibility compliance are at the centre of all our operations, including our dedicated transport services.
  • Route Optimisation
  • Transport Administration is managed locally, meaning you have a Australian number to call if you need to speak to someone from accounts.
  • Customer Service and communication
  • Continuous improvement is at the core of everything we do at BT, and we let the benefits flow on to our customers.
  • Capacity planning, forecasting, dispatch management, resource planning and scheduling, and seasonality management are also available.  
  • Unforeseen events resolution
Chain of Responsibility

What you need to you know

Chain of Responsibility = sharing the load

Under Australian Heavy Vehicle National Law, every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities. This is referred to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

Where applicable, our in-house compliance team will advise you on requirements under the CoR you need to consider when planning the logistics.

Rest assured that at BT we’ve got you covered: We have an effective safety management system in place to make sure that all movements are compliant. And our in-house compliance services are always included in our quotations.

All eyes on your brand - with BT's dedicated transport services

Get optimal on-road exposure with our tautliner and refrigerated fleet.

Take advantage of branding opportunities exclusive to our dedicated services customers: your branding on the side of a truck is a great way to get seen on routes decided by you.

We take Chain of Responsibility laws very seriously, and our drivers are trained and incentivised to drive safely and considerately, always following the road rules and driving to the conditions. Moreover, our fleet is equipped with speed limiters and monitored via IVMS. 

Choose your routes

Full Service Logistics

Ready to discuss your requirements? 

Scope of our dedicated transport solutions

Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements

We specialise in Australian road transport, with connections to rail, sea and air. We can offer you the following as part of our dedicated services provision:

  • Customisation of service and equipment provision to meet your requirements (heavy haulage, over-dimensional (over-size and/or over-mas), express / hot shot, linehaul, temperature-controlled and refrigerated, high cube / high mass, FMCG)
  • Specialist handling needs, including in-gauge and out-of-gauge
  • Dedicated fleet with option for branding

Stay in the loop with instant Proof of Delivery

BT Transport & Logistics is pleased to offer all customers the following:

  • Customer Portal: 24/7 access to your consignments
    Via our customer portal, you can view your current bookings and past consignments and retrieve Proof of Delivery (POD) and other information related to your project.
  • Sign-on-Glass & instant POD
    Our drivers carry a mobile app, which records Proof of Delivery (POD). You can opt to be sent the POD straight to your email inbox when it is received by our back office. In most cases (subject to mobile internet reception at the point of delivery) this is as soon as your freight has been received. 
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