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Welcome to BT!

Become an accredited sub-contractor

Become a BT-accredited sub-contractor: Simply check below if you meet our minimum requirements, and submit the expression of interest form to get started. 

Our team will then send you a link to our Contractor Management platform, where you can fill in your company details, complete your induction, and upload documents such as insurance certificates of currency. 

Sub-contractor requirements


Your company must be a registered Pty Ltd company.


Your drivers must use the BT Transmate app to complete all consignments and submit PODs. Therefore, they require a smartphone or tablet with internet connection and camera.


You must hold and supply certificates of currency for the following insurances:

  • Public Liability Insurance – Minimum $20 million
  • Full Comprehensive Motor vehicle with 3rd party property damage cover
  • Trailer In control insurance (if towing BT Transport & Logistics equipment) – $100k single trailer, $200k B-Doubles, $260k Road Train & B-Triples
  • Workers Compensation/Work Cover Certificate (if applicable)
  • Marine/Cargo in Transit Insurance – Minimum $500k

As well as proof of registration for all Prime Movers and Trailers (if towing own equipment).


All drivers must complete a BT Transport & Logistics online induction prior to commencement of work. Drivers will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Current and valid Driver’s Licence
  • Any Certificates or Accreditations – if applicable.

What’s the process?

The following steps outline the on-boarding process:

  1. Submit the form below to register your interest
  2. We will send you a link to Rapid Contractor Management
  3. Complete your registration via Rapid Contractor Management, including upload of required documents
    For owner-drivers, this includes your driver induction, and if additional drivers are subcontracted to us, they will need to complete their individual inductions prior to commencing work.
  4. We will check your submission – if everything’s fine, we’ll send you an email notification, as well as instructions on how to set up the Transmate App, and an invitation to join the BT Loading Bay 
  5. Before you start a consignment for us, download the BT Transmate app for iPhone or Android (each driver needs to do this)
  6. Contact the BT Helpdesk for your Driver Code(s) and assistance with the sign-up process
  7. Create your Transmate App account (each driver needs to do this) and notify our Helpdesk, so that we can activate you
  8. Our Operations Team can now send you consignments

After having completed a consignment, and submitted the POD(s) via the Transmate App, we will send you a Sub-Contractor Payment Advice (SPA). You then send us an invoice, using the details on the SPA (make sure to include the consignment manifest number. We will make payment as to our agreed terms, and send you a remittance advice.

From here, you can check the BT Loading Bay for any available consignments.  

Register your interest in becoming a BT sub-contractor

At BT, we’re all about can do!

Resources for current BT Sub-Contractors

In this section, we have compiled a few resources and useful information for our existing sub-contractors.

Request a Driver Code

When a new driver joins your team, they will need their individual driver code. You can request the code below and our Helpdesk team will get in touch during business hours.

Transmate App

hand holding smartphone

What to upload via the Transmate App

The BT Transmate App is used for all of our transport consignments to record and submit Proof of Delivery.

Here is what you can and cannot submit via the app:

hand holding smartphone
Green tick for YES

Sign-on-Glass PODs

Always submit a Sign-on-Glass POD: As a Covid-19 Safety and infection prevention measure, we encourage contactless delivery. Please ask for the recipient’s name, type this in the name field, and sign in the signature field. 

Green tick for YES

Third-Party PODs

If you have received any hardcopy paperwork, please take a photo via the camera section of the Transmate App and submit it as a POD by ticking the respective box and tapping submit. 

Please hand in all original hardcopy paperwork to a BT depot or the head office. We highly recommend keeping a copy for your own records.

Green tick for YES

Job-relevant photos

If you would like to submit a photo to BT staff that is relevant to the consignment, you can take a photo via the camera section of the Transmate App and submit it as a PHOTO by ticking the respective box and tapping submit. 

Red cross for NO


These cannot be submitted via the app. Please email your invoices to

(To avoid delays, ensure you include the Consignment Number on your invoice. You can find this on the Details screen of the Transmate App.)

Red cross for NO


Please do not submit your Sub-Contractor Payment Advice. This is for your records and invoicing only.

Payment Information - Pay Cycle & Options

Sub-Contractor payments are made weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on your chosen payment terms option. Importantly, all paperwork (invoice and POD) must received by the previous Friday 4pm.

Here’s how to work out when you will be paid for an outstanding consignment.

For the 7-day option (“5%-ers”), please take note of BT Transport & Logistics’s pay week, which starts on Wednesday. This means that the 7-day payment term starts at the end of the pay week (the Tuesday) during which the job is completed & the POD is submitted.

*When using the BT Transmate App, if submitted at the point of delivery, the POD date will be the date of delivery

**Please ensure that we receive your invoice in time

How to work out the payment date – 30 Days

The date you submitted your POD*

Plus your payment terms = Due Date**

The Monday following the Due Date is the Payment date



Friday 29/01/2021 

Plus 30 days = Sunday 28/02/2021

You will receive payment on Monday 01/03/2021

How to work out the payment date – 7 Days

The date you submitted your POD*

Take the date of the end of that pay week (the following Tuesday)

Plus your payment terms = Due Date**

The Tuesday following the Due Date is the Payment date



Friday 29/01/2021 

Tuesday 02/02/2021

Plus 7 days = Tuesday 09/02/2021 

You will receive payment on Tuesday 16/03/2021

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