Frequently Asked Questions

Sub-Contractor & Driver FAQ

You can find general information on how to become a BT-accredited sub-contractor on the Working with us page.

If you have additional questions, you can email

Yes, all drivers need to use the app for every consignment. 

This also means that each driver needs to create an app account, and be assigned an individual driver code, which will include your sub-contractor code. 

If you or your drivers need assistance with setting up their app or creating their account, they can find instructions in the Quick Resources tab, or contact our Helpdesk on (08) 8169 1300 (during business hours) or

Yes, there is an initial registration process. You need to enter and verify an email address, enter your personal details, and a company code and driver code.

The Company Code will always be “btlog” in lower case, regardless of whether the job is for BT Transport & Logistics or our divisions S&S Freight Services or LDJ Logistics.

The Driver Code will be assigned to you by BT staff. For subcontractors, the Driver Code may differ, depending on the number of drivers working for us.

  • Owner-Operators (or single driver working for BT): the Driver Code will be Subcontractor Code, underscore, Subcontractor Code. For example ABCTRU_ABCTRU
  • For multiple drivers from the same subcontractor: the Driver Code will be Subcontractor Code, underscore, Individual Code. For example ABCTRU_JAMES, ABCTRU_MICK, or numeric like ABCTRU_01, ABCTRU_02

To obtain an additional driver code or notify us of changes within your company, please email

We have created a detailed downloadable document outlining How To sign up for the Transmate App as well as a video tutorial that you can find on this page. 

Yes, each individual driver who is subcontracted to BT Transport & Logistics will need to complete driver inductions.
You can refer to for information on how to issue your drivers an induction key.

You need to have an up-to-date certificate of currency.

You will need to log back into your Rapid account and upload your new certificates of currency for approval.

You can refer to for information on how to update your documents.

Deactivated means we have deactivated your profile in the Rapid system and you no longer have access to your Contractor Portal.

To be reactivated, you will need to contact for further information.

Suspended means you still have access to your Contractor Portal and there is an action that you need to complete. This could be updating documents that have expired.

Once updated, we will be notified and need to verify the document(s) so that you can be deemed compliant again.

The app only ‘works’ if an active job is selected. Check that you:

  1. have any jobs on your app (the number next to the white job field needs to be 1 or higher)
  2. have an active job selected: the status should be anything other than Complete (When a job is selected, the Sender and Receiver fields on the dispatch screen will be populated).

Hint: When a job is completed, it may take a few minutes (depending on network connection) to clear off your device. You can still select this job, but you won’t be able to edit it anymore.

You can tell that a job is complete by the following:

  • The Complete field on the dispatch screen is highlighted.
  • When tapping other status buttons, they do not change colour
  • It will say Complete in the white job list field (the last word is the status).

Here are a few steps you can try:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Ensure you have installed or updated the app on or after 4 January 2021. (Check for an update in the app store if unsure.)
  3. Check your driver code: go to the App menu, select Update details, log in. Your Driver Code should be in this format:
  • For BT Drivers: ABCDEF (all capital letters, no spaces)
  • For sub-contractors: ABCDEF_GHIJKL (all caps, underscore, no spaces)
  • The Company Code is always btlog (lower case, no spaces).


If this is all ok, you could check with our Operations if you’re not sure if they have send the job, and confirm your driver code with them.

Alternatively, contact our Helpdesk on (08) 8169 1300 or

Check if you are using the latest version of the app, as we have issued updates to fix known issues.

Go to your app store and search for the Transmate Mobile app. If it shows the option to Update, tap that. (If  the option is to Open, then you already have the latest version.) 

Sign up tutorial video