Defence & Military Logistics

Defence Transport and Logistics

The BT Group’s Defence & Military Logistics Department has been successfully completing transport and logistics projects for the defence sector for a number of years in well-established third-party-partnerships.

Applying our knowledge and experience gathered from decades in specialised transport, distribution and logistics, our defence customers value not only our flexibility and can do approach, but most of all the reliable results we deliver in terms of their strictly nominated uplift and required delivery dates.

If you are looking for a defence logistics provider you can trust and rely on to develop a realistic value proposition, look no further.

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Why choose us?

The BT Group’s Defence & Military Logistics Department has been a trusted partner for a number of clients in the sector, and we have acquired substantial experience and know-how specific to the Defence & Military Industry. Our commitment is supported by continuous development of Defence & Military Value Propositions delivering real outcomes to the Defence Supply Chains.

Moreover, we are aware of the many challenges that Defence & Military projects encounter, particularly in those remote geographical areas throughout Australia. Our team are experienced in dealing with extreme conditions such as monsoonal weather or tropical conditions.

Finally, sharing of information is a critical success factor in effective collaboration, and BT is committed to a transparent process that allows for optimised project planning, problem solving and performance monitoring. We will work closely with you to ensure that throughout the entire project we are flexible and responsive to your needs.

 Military Transport and Logistics


  • Off Wharf distribution and storage
  • Defence vehicle cartage & Recovery – door to door nationwide
  • Project Mobilisation and demobilisation nationwide
  • Consolidation opportunities nationwide
  • Project Design & Management
  • Heavy Haulage distribution nationwide
  • Over-Dimensional distribution nationwide
  • Pipe Stringing ROW & distribution
  • Heavy Haulage services
  • Rail intermodal services

Defence Capabilities

  • Extensive fleet capacity - flexible availability nationwide
  • Uplift and delivery anywhere in Australia
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of projects within tight timeframes
  • Project in field sustainment programs
  • Airside / Wharf side 'load master' services
  • Specialist dedicated services
  • In-house Depot Sustainment Programs
  • Over-dimensional distribution
  • Capital city and remote Crane services
  • Provision of any kind of specialised equipment needed

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Clients who trust in us:

Some of our clients in the military and defence sector are:

  • DSTO
  • CAGS – formerly DMO
  • Schenker Australia
  • ADF Panel members


To learn more about some of our recent projects browse through our projects section.

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