Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQ

You can pay up front by credit card, EFT or complete a credit application to establish a credit account.

On your Credit Application Form, you can nominate email addresses for receiving PODs. You can nominate up to 3 email addresses for receiving PODs from the point of delivery, 3 for receiving PODs enclosed with invoices, and 2 for receiving statements. If you would like to add or change any of these email addresses at any time, you can email us on and we will make those changes in the system for you.

Through our customer portal you can book consignments based on agreed rates (if you don’t have a rate card yet, or would like to book a new service, please speak to your account manager), view details of your upcoming and completed consignments and view the images and documents attached to each consignment, such as proof of deliver / PODs.

Log into Transmate and click Consignment Note Entry from the menu. Enter a consignment number and fill in the delivery and receiving addresses and contact details. You can save these details for future use by selecting Add/Edit Pickup or Add/Edit Receiver. Then enter the details about the request in the Special Instructions box. Make sure you include what you need transported, how much and any other relevant information.
Note: The bottom row containing the product details is not working as intended at the moment. We are working hard on a fix, but in the meantime please add all delivery information to the Special Instructions box.

Once you the consignment has been completed, log on to Transmate and click List Consignments. Find the consignment you are looking for and take note of the tracking number associated with the booking. Then head to POD Retrieval and enter the tracking number. This will then display all the PODs associated with the booking.

Yes, we offer contactless delivery and provide paperless online PODs. As a company, BT Transport & Logistics and our divisions LDJ Logistics and S&S Freight Services encourage Contactless Delivery and POD in order to minimise the spread of infections that can be transmitted via touching surfaces, such as Covid-19 Coronavirus. We have a Standard Operating Procedure in place that you can view here.