The BT Group takes sound advantage of the technical expertise, logistics industry experience, and business acumen of the team at Transfocus Solutions for the delivery of our IT solutions. Our goal is to deliver you, our customer, with best in class technology capabilities.

A few examples of IT solutions we use are Transfocus, Fleetminder and Logchecker.

The Transfocus software offerings have been designed to dovetail to our existing and stable Transport Management System so as to enhance the system's functionality, thus delivering the capabilities that our customers are starting to ask for, and are also yet to think of. Transfocus also provides us with appropriate IT support, planning and implementation.

Benefits from implementing outstanding IT include:

  • Driving out inefficiencies - both yours and ours;
  • Lowering costs - both yours and ours; and
  • Enhancing the customer experience - both yours and ours.


Transfocus Solutions' POD Scanning Solution

A key initial pillar to Transfocus providing BT with a better customer (freight forwarder and staff) experience is their Proof of Delivery Scanning Solution.

POD Scanning Solution Operator's Screen

This is a web-based tool which:

  • makes PODs easily accessible by our customers, freight forwarders and our internal staff;
  • provides an easy way for our people and freight-forwarders to add PODs to our system;
  • allows separate user profiles for customers, freight forwarders, internal staff as well as offering a customisable profile;
  • sends either individual or batches of PODs to the requester;
  • makes PODs available as web links;
  • links job numbers and invoices to their associated PODs; and
  • has been tailored to meet our requirements.

This software elevates our ability to be able to service you to a new level.


Transfocus Solutions' Front End

Another key to our future is the development of a new user interface for our staff which allows access to our system with a simple web-based front end. This will drive out inefficiencies, increase our response and delivery times, and will provide us with cost savings which can be passed on to you. This software will allow our team to more rapidly access our system from nearly any location and will eliminate redundancies which our current system imposes on our processes. We believe that you, our customer, will also benefit noticeably from our much improved front end.

Transfocus' flexibility in software development gives us what we need to provide you with industry-leading services. Transfocus Solutions will continue to tailor software to keep us, and therefore you, at the leading edge with service delivery.

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Fleetminder and Logchecker

Logchecker and Fleetminder are two web based programs we use to manage fatigue. Logchecker allows us to check start, stop and break times and is a quick and easy exercise to check for breaches of standard driving hours. Drivers are provided with a safe driving plan to reduce their exposure to the risk of fatigue. Alerts for driver’s licence and medical expiry reminders, as well as non-conformance and corrective action reports can also be generated by logchecker.

Fleetminder gives us the ability of GPS tracking. To safeguard our staff and assets we can remotely immobilize a vehicle, receive an alert via a mobile phone or activate an alarm remotely, using a simple SMS command. We can receive reports which alert us to harsh braking, harsh accelerating and speeding. Fleetminder is also able to send crash sensor alerts to Head Office as well as fuel level sensor monitoring.

Do you have a question regarding the IT solutions we use and how this can benefit your business? Contact us today to learn more.