Antonov AN124 Project

The project scope involved four loads of the Antonov AN124, one of the largest commercially available cargo planes in the world.

Whilst many of the loads were made up of crated parts and components, which could be transported as in-gauge road loads, each massive Antonov load included multiple over-dimensional items, such as full motion flight simulator cockpit sections, three fuselage sections and wing assemblies.

The BT Compliance Department was heavily involved from the start with each of the four plane loads arriving between September and December 2018. The loads required SA permits, as well as NHVR permits and 3rd party approvals in order to travel from the tarmac of Adelaide Airport to the RAAF Base within the required timeframes whilst complying with transport curfews and meeting permit requirements.

BT Compliance team members were on the tarmac for each load to ensure any road transport compliance issues that may arise were addressed immediately with minimal impact to the unloading process.

With a permitted travel height of 5.4 metres, transporting the three fuselage sections required SA Power Networks escorts for a good portion of the route to safeguard their assets.