At the BT Group, we are aware of our impact as a company on our environment. Therefore, we have a number of policies and procedures in place to manage our Corporate Social Responsibility.


We at BT are committed to keeping the negative impacts of our business on the environment to a minimum, and we strive to continually improve all our operations in this regard. We have environmental policies in place to manage compliance with legal obligations, which we aim to meet as a minimum. At the same time, we work to satisfy the environmental expectations of all our stakeholders and the community and we apply best practice standards for environmental management.

Regular assessments of the environmental impact of our operations help us identify areas of improvement and plans are developed to make changes happen. This entails designing our equipment and procedures in such ways that negative environmental impacts are reduced. We strive to improve efficiency of operations to minimise water and raw material use, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation. We only work with accredited waste removal companies for tyre and petroleum waste disposal. Additionally, we are dedicated to maximising recycling.

Moreover, we aim to raise awareness for potential environmental effects of our operations among staff and contractors and ensure that they are adequately trained regarding sustainable practices. Our environmental policy extends to site visitors and sub-contractors. At the same time, we are dedicated to understanding our clients' environmental management systems and what they entail in order to be able to fully comply with them.

We understand the connection between delivering service excellence, continuous improvement and sustainability.

Download our environmental policy statement here.

Industry Responsibility and Compliance

At BT, we are very aware of our responsibilities in regards to safety on Australian roads. Since this responsibility applies to all parties in the supply chain, it is important to us that not only all our staff and drivers, but also our partners and sub-contractors are aware of this issue and consider its implications in management and operations. We therefore have included relevant information about Legislative Compliance and Chain of Responsibility videos on our website.

Sponsorship and Good Causes

In 2013, BT supported a fundraising project of a young South-Australian to participate in a volunteering project in East Timor. Danika worked in the village of Oecussi alongside staff of the Royal Australasian Surgeons Academy who perform life-changing eye surgery. Moreover, she assisted with teaching First Aid to different community groups, including the police force, nurses and staff of hospitals and orphanages.

BT support many sporting and community clubs with one example of this our sponsorship of Kailah Greenwell, who plays for the Contax Netball League Division.


In April 2015 we contributed this article to the Contax Confidential newsletter:

What makes the Contax Netball League inspiring for business

Is there a secret to success? In netball as in business, knowing your opponent's strategy and tactics can help you win that game (or job). But in the long run, it's all the hard work that your individual members put in, the team spirit and can do attitude they show, and their perseverance and determination to excel that will put you in a place to win the league.

If you look at complex logistics projects or supply chain solutions, they have much in common with a team sport. Firstly, in order to win a job, it takes thorough preparation, a strategy and tactical plans, and then perseverance and determination in following through with those plans. Once on the ball, people across various departments of the company, from project managers and operations staff to WHS and compliance teams, ideally work hand in hand with clients, suppliers, and official bodies in order to arrange a smooth flow of something. Each and every person in the business undergoes ongoing training to perform ideally in their role, they understand what is expected of them and how their job fits into the big picture. Communication is key in coordinating the process so that the ball isn't dropped. Individual performance is a critical component to any successful team, but it's the team spirit and coordination that makes it all come together.

At BT, we believe in the potential of all our staff and stakeholders, and we acknowledge that our people make the difference. We are proud of having developed a culture of 'can do', where we believe that any challenge can be overcome. While this is usually related to transport and logistics, we also aim to nurture a generally positive attitude and culture that extends to the daily life outside of work. There might be drawbacks along the way, but we believe that in any situation, we should all keep a positive outlook and believe that our efforts and endeavours will ultimately lead to success. At BT, we're all about can do, and achieving what we set out to do is the best motivator for our team to keep up the good work and the positive spirit. And that's what we see throughout the Contax Netball League, where talent meets teamwork to create something exceptional, where a good challenge is always appreciated, and where people are enthusiastic and enjoy what they do.