It all started with a fledgling single-vehicle operator in Adelaide back in 1969: Malcolm Beattie commenced as an interstate linehauler with his first client in L&V Ceiling Supplies, Wingfield, carting Acoustic Plaster Ceiling Tiles into Sydney. In the 1970s, Mal worked with Mayne Nickless tanker division, carrying Bulk wine, LPG and Dangerous Goods between all capital cities. During the 1980s, expansion continued throughout remote Australia.

BT proudly remains a family-owned business, with Mal's son Josh following in his father's footsteps.

Today, the BT Group has grown into a specialist in end to end logistics supply. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings with Mal Beattie at the helm of a truck. As a well-established national interstate transport provider throughout Australia, BT has a large fleet of vehicles and specialised equipment, as well as direct access depots located in all capital cities and major provincial towns.

We offer much more than just transportation: we develop solid value propositions and cost-effective solutions for all your logistical challenges. Contact us today to find out more!