Peterborough solar farm project

BT spearheaded the transport for the new solar farms in Peterborough. The project was rolled out in three stages. The first stage was to collect the 50 solar containers from the Port of Melbourne, which was all transported and unpacked at our Depot. The freight was organised for the second and third stages. 

The second stage involved the transport of the torque rods and slewing gear. Solar panel arrays are aligned to face the direct sunlight and are moved around each day by the torque rods connected to and an electric motor.

The third and final stage was the transport of the solar panels packaged on pallets, 24 to a container. The freight was inspected, counted (panels came in different wattages 355,360,365) and then stored or despatched depending on site requests for different types of panels.

Overall there were 48 loads transported from Campbellfield to Peterborough.