P-8 Poseidon Simulator and Training Components

Late last year BT Transport & Logistics was engaged to provide road transport services for 4x AN124 heavy lift transport plane loads of P-8 Poseidon simulator and training components for delivery to RAAF Base Edinburg South Australia.

The Antonov AN124 is one of the largest commercially available transport planes in the world. Whilst many of the loads were crated parts and components, etc making up in-gauge road loads, each massive Antonov load had multiple over-dimensional goods including items such as full motion flight simulator cockpit sections, 3x fuselage sections and wing assemblies.

The BT Compliance Dept was heavily involved from the start of with each of the 4 plane loads (1 in September, 1 in November and 2 in December) to apply for the required permits initially from the SA Department of Transport Energy (DPTI) and Infrastructure. The later loads required permits from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator – Adelaide permit section and associated 3rd party approvals for the loads to leave Adelaide Airport tarmac areas in the required time frames and arrive at the RAAF Base whilst complying with all the lawful requirements of our permits and associated transport curfews. BT Compliance team members were on the tarmac for each load to ensure any road transport compliance issues that may arise were addressed immediately with minimal impact to the unloading process.

The 3 fuselage sections required SA Power Networks (SAPN) to escort each load for a good portion of the permitted route to safe guard their assets during transport as our permitted travel height was some 5.4 metres. The SAPN Highloads representative had previously attended the unloading of the 2nd AN124 to get an understanding of what we were transporting, how it was unloaded from the aircraft and how our vehicles were loaded. This gave them a good understanding of time frames, accessing the flight line, tarmac rules and regulations for when it came time to escort the 3 fuselage sections from the third plane load.

BT Transport & Logistics is proud to have played such a prominent role as a local transport provider in this significant RAAF project on behalf of all their contractors and suppliers of the simulator/training equipment for the RAAFs next generation of maritime patrol aircraft.